We all love a good spring clean, your garden does too.

Spring is the best time to be in the garden. Let’s get outdoors to clean out and prepare our garden beds and do a little pruning and moving.

Here are 5 tips and tools you can use to launch the spring season with a BLOOM.

1. Get rid of that winter coat.

Take a little walk around the garden and take note of some of the fixes.

  • Damage caused by frost.

  • Beds that will need to be cleaned out

  • Hardscaping elements—walls, fences, benches, sheds, trellises—that have shifted, bowed or rotted.

2. Spring clean... literally.

Make up the beds.

Start by making up the bed… The garden beds that is, clean the plant debris out of your garden beds. This includes fallen branches, matted down leaves, small stones and twigs.

Maintaining good hygiene in your garden beds will help to keep the bad “bed bugs”away.

3. Start your garden on a good diet.

Soil food is soul food.

Plants can’t thrive on water alone, they need a diverse range of minerals and trace elements in the soil to flourish.

Talk to any one of our experts at CND Nursery or The Aloe Farm, about which specific products to use, always following package instructions for best results.

Once you have found the right food for your soil, earthworms and other garden creatures will do the job of working these organic materials down into the soil for you.

4. Out with the old and in with the new.

Cut it out.

Pruning is so important as it allows room for new growth. It also deters pest and animal infestation and promotes the plant’s natural shape and healthy growth.

  • Start by pruning out anything that has been broken or damaged by winter ice, snow and cold. Remove dead wood, too.

  • Follow the general rule that flowering shrubs which bloom on new wood (this year’s growth) can be trimmed in spring. .

  • Spring is also a good time to shear back evergreens.

5. Change is as good as a holiday

Add to the family.

Adding some fresh spring blooms to yur garden will ensure a refreshed look and feel for those summer garden strolls.

Magic Mona, Osteospermum Karoo and all varieties of Agapanthus are must have fragrant spring bloomers to bring your garden alive.

Preperation now, will mean beautiful rewards later. After all “In the spring, at the end of the day, you should smell like dirt.” – Margaret Atwood